The importance of the right architect

January 23, 2017

At Marcus Homes we have design at the very forefront and our core belief is that our homes are built with a great deal of consideration for the way we inhabit and use the spaces within, it is in essence ‘a lifestyle choice’

The place we live has many tasks to accomplish; it should be a welcoming space, a place that is equally adept for entertaining purposes as it is a quiet peaceful place to relax and unwind.

We have built up fantastic relationships with Architects who understand our vision, creating beautiful, distinctive homes that reflect the lifestyle of today’s homeowners.


“All good buildings are a collaboration, significantly between Client and Architect, extending to other members of the landscape, design and structural engineering team. The Architect will normally be the first point of contact. This early involvement and continuing relationship is vital for the overall success of the project.

What makes a successful building and why is the right Architect important ?

“At Stanley Partnership the process starts with the site, the final design responding to multiple aspects including landscape, urban context, site constraints and the local grain.

This could mean a building could be discreet, or even concealed as well as being more overt and obvious in its design. The detailed architectural process is then an intuitive and technical response to the client brief/requirements and the interpretation of the needs and constraints of the chosen site. Proportion, quality of light and space are then defining and integral features of the design.

This ultimately means that the thinking for each project is bespoke, even if it means using established building techniques, which in turn helps regulate costs. This attention to detail is also at the heart of what makes a building successful as it affects the overall performance and how the design is received and enjoyed. What is interesting is that many people don’t always acknowledge poor detailing but time and time we have seen that they DO respond to good detailing and the subtle ways a building is put together.” Bevis Stanley